We do our best to complete the task within a week. But in some cases, the whole process could take up to 2 weeks or more.  Knowing what you like for a logo and envisioning what you want to achieve could help fast track the process.  It’s all about working together as a team.

Learn more about our creative process.

We don’t do ‘by luck or by chance’. We design unique symbols – a perfect representation of your brand and business.

We strive to present the best possible solutions through fine sketches first to make sure we are on the right track. We don’t recommend rendering logos on the initial phase to avoid wasting efforts on concepts that are less appealing to you. Research and sketch studies also reduce plagiarism.

FYI, ‘not all designers can draw’ and ‘not all illustrators are good at logo’.
At LogoMotto, we combine freehand drawing and graphic software to creatively express our best ideas. We don’t just mix-match shapes.

Sure. LogoMotto’s mission is to help other designers too.  Tell us what you need and we will sketch ideas while you take care of your own clients. Feel free to render them all or present the sketches as your own. Email us so we can start working together.

You don’t want us to show the finest logo we’ve made in our portfolio? – Fine. We’re easy going.
Send us your copyright agreement or simply write us an email.

Great! Email us your proposal and we will get back to you.

Well, hell NO! We have zero tolerance on speculative work industry. We value our time and clients.
If you happen to be naive, please read more about NOSPEC.

Uhm, we’re polite but not that polite. So go somewhere and never come back.
….. And hey, don’t ever call us a ‘friend’.  Take our smiley 🙂   Peace.